Parking lot cleaning

A welcoming, clean and safe environment.

A parking lot is much more than just a space to park vehicles. It is often the first impression customers, visitors or residents have of your business or property. Full Clean Partners is committed to providing comprehensive services to maintain spotless spaces, ensuring customer satisfaction and site safety.

Types of services offered

  • Waste Pickup: The first step is to remove all waste from the parking lot, including debris, packaging and other trash.


  • Dusting of Surfaces: Parking lot surfaces, including the floor, walls and posts, are thoroughly dusted to remove accumulated dirt.


  • High Pressure Cleaning: Stained or soiled areas undergo high pressure cleaning to remove residual oil, grease and other stubborn substances.
  • Cleaning of Floor Markings: Floor markings, such as parking lines, arrows and symbols, are cleaned and touched up as necessary to maintain clear signage.


  • Cleaning of Collection Points: Areas around trash cans and collection points are thoroughly cleaned to avoid unwanted odors and maintain overall cleanliness.

The advantages of our services

With Full Clean Partners, you get significant benefits from using our services. First of all, it creates a positive first impression for your customers and visitors. A clean, well-maintained parking lot also increases safety by removing potential obstacles and minimizing the risk of slips and falls. Finally, a welcoming environment contributes to the value of your property.

Training of our staff

Our teams are trained in best practices in parking lot cleaning, waste management, on-site safety and the correct use of equipment.

Environmentally friendly cleaning products

We use specialist maintenance products, adapted to car park surfaces, environmentally friendly and recommended by the FASFC with the European ecolabel. Our equipment includes pressure washers, industrial sweepers, industrial vacuum cleaners and other equipment needed to ensure thorough and efficient cleaning.

Commitment to quality of service

The quality of our parking lot cleaning service is at the heart of our commitment to our customers. We carry out regular quality checks to ensure each space is spotless, safe and welcoming. Our goal is to exceed expectations and ensure customer satisfaction.

Appropriate maintenance frequency

The frequency of maintenance depends on the specific needs of each car park and is determined in consultation with our customers. We adapt to your expectations and needs.


Clear instructions governing the service

The instructions governing the service include clear directives on intervention times, priority areas, products used and emergency procedures, thus ensuring transparent and efficient collaboration.

Parking lot cleaning is essential to creating a safe, welcoming and professional environment. Full Clean Partners is committed to offering comprehensive services, guaranteeing the cleanliness and safety of your spaces. Trust our expertise to maintain the positive image of your business or property to ensure the satisfaction of your customers or visitors upon their arrival.

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