Post-disaster cleaning

Bring your damaged spaces back to life


When disaster strikes, whether it’s fire, flood, or other damage, recovering your spaces can seem like a daunting task. That’s where Full Clean Partners comes in, offering specialist services to restore and revitalize your premises. Discover how our services go beyond simple cleaning, to offer you a true rebirth after unfortunate events.

Types of services offered

Each of our services contributes to the company’s overall mission to restore and revitalize spaces after a disaster, providing a complete solution to clients.

  • Deep Cleaning: Elimination of debris, dust and residue left by the disaster.


  • Surface Restoration: Repairing damaged floors, cleaning upholstery and refinishing wall coverings.


  • Odor Elimination: Using advanced methods to eliminate persistent odors.


  • Cleaning of Ventilation Systems: Inspection, cleaning and disinfection of air ducts to ensure optimal air quality.


  • Waste Management: Responsible disposal of waste in accordance with environmental standards.
  • Immediate Reactivity: Rapid intervention to minimize damage resulting from the disaster.


  • Specialized Expertise: Knowledge and skills to deal with a variety of disasters.


  • Use of Quality Products: Selection of effective maintenance products that respect safety and environmental standards.


  • State-of-the-art equipment: Investment in state-of-the-art cleaning equipment for optimal results.


  • Continuing Staff Training: Ensure the team is trained in the latest cleaning techniques and technologies.

The advantages of our services

Our post-disaster cleaning services ensure rapid and efficient intervention thanks to our immediate responsiveness and specialized expertise. With environmentally friendly products, state-of-the-art equipment, and a competent, constantly trained team, we guarantee optimal results. Bringing your spaces back to life, our commitment to quality and transparent communication makes us the ideal choice for hassle-free disaster recovery.

Training of our staff

The quality of our service depends largely on the competence of our team. This is why we are committed to providing ongoing training to our staff. From handling specialized equipment to utilizing the latest cleaning technologies, our team stays up to date to deliver high-quality services.

Environmentally friendly cleaning products

We use exclusively high-quality cleaning products, recommended by the FASFC with the European ecolabel and carefully selected for their effectiveness and respect for the environment. Our solutions are not only powerful in eliminating the traces left by the disaster, but they are also safe for your health and the sustainability of your spaces. Thanks to our meticulous choice of products, we ensure post-disaster cleaning that combines optimal performance and environmental responsibility, leaving your premises revitalized and respectful of your well-being.


Commitment to quality of service

Our commitment to quality of service is reflected in each stage of our intervention. We constantly strive to achieve excellence using premium quality products, state-of-the-art equipment and a knowledgeable team. Each service is meticulously executed, ensuring optimal results and unparalleled customer satisfaction. Using our services guarantees exceptional quality, bringing your spaces back to life in an impeccable and professional manner.

Appropriate maintenance frequency

Adapting our frequency of intervention to the severity of the disaster, our approach is personalized for each situation. This flexibility allows us to carefully evaluate your needs and determine the best frequency to ensure rapid and complete recovery of your spaces. Our commitment is to restore your premises efficiently and with constant communication to ensure transparency throughout the process.


Clear instructions governing the service

Our service instructions are designed to ensure a smooth and secure process. We implement strict security protocols, carefully protect remaining assets, and communicate transparently with our customers. By following these guidelines, we guarantee an efficient and organized response, providing a hassle-free experience while restoring your spaces after a disaster.





















Our commitment to excellence and the complete recovery of your spaces after a disaster makes us the ideal partner in difficult times. With specialized services, a knowledgeable team and exceptional results, Full Clean Partners is here to help you overcome challenges and bring new life to your spaces.

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