Window Cleaning

Clarity, shine and transparency guaranteed.

Window cleaning is an essential task in maintaining the appearance and functionality of commercial and residential buildings. Full Clean Partners offers you a window cleaning service that goes well beyond a simple wipe.

Types of services offered

Each type of service is adapted to the specific needs of customers, offering flexibility in the choice of options depending on the nature of the windows and the environment in which they are located :

  • Regular Window Cleaning: Periodic service, often weekly or monthly, suitable for businesses or residences requiring frequent maintenance to maintain an impeccable appearance.


  • High Window Cleaning: Specialist services for multi-storey buildings, involving the use of appropriate techniques and equipment, such as telescopic poles, to reach high-rise windows.


  • Specialized Window Cleaning: Service adapted to specific windows, such as tinted, anti-reflective, or treated with special coatings, requiring special care.


  • Cleaning of Glass Roofs and Bay Windows: Specialized intervention for large glass surfaces, such as glass roofs and bay windows, aimed at maintaining transparency and brightness.
  • Anti-limescale treatment: Specific service to eliminate stubborn limescale deposits on windows, often caused by hard water, using suitable products.


  • Sliding Window Cleaning: Specialized interventions for sliding windows, requiring particular attention to the rails and mechanisms to ensure optimal operation.


  • Commercial Window Cleaning: Services adapted to businesses, boutiques and commercial spaces, focusing on the exterior presentation of products through impeccable windows.
  • Window Frame Maintenance: Service including cleaning of window frames, ledges and sills to ensure overall cleanliness and avoid the accumulation of dust.


  • Post-Work or Post-Construction Cleaning: Special interventions after work or construction to remove residue, paint stains and other dirt left on windows.


  • Degreasing Service: Specific service for windows exposed to grease, smoke or atmospheric pollution, requiring degreasing products and suitable techniques.

The advantages of our services

We guarantee impeccable results through the use of specialized techniques and products. In addition, using our services minimizes the risk of accidents linked to window cleaning at height, ensuring the safety of our staff and passers-by. Finally, clean windows improve the aesthetics of buildings and allow natural light to fully penetrate the interior, creating a bright and welcoming environment.

Training of our staff

Our cleaning teams are trained in safety best practices, effective cleaning techniques and the proper use of cleaning products. We generally favor environmentally and surface-friendly products, ensuring optimal results without compromising sustainability.

Environmentally friendly cleaning products

We use specialist maintenance products, adapted to car park surfaces, environmentally friendly and recommended by the FASFC with the European ecolabel. Our equipment includes pressure washers, industrial sweepers, industrial vacuum cleaners and other equipment needed to ensure thorough and efficient cleaning.

Commitment to quality of service

The quality of the window cleaning service is measured by the clarity, shine and transparency of the windows after intervention. We are committed to providing impeccable service.

Appropriate maintenance frequency

The frequency of maintenance depends on the characteristics of the building, its exposure to external elements and the customer’s preferences. Some facilities require weekly or monthly cleaning, while others may opt for seasonal or one-off maintenance.


Clear instructions governing the service

We attach great importance to the instructions governing window cleaning because they are crucial to ensuring optimal results and the safety of our staff. They include specific instructions regarding access to windows, intervention times, and safety measures to be respected. Transparent communication between Full Clean Partners and the client ensures harmonious collaboration and the satisfaction of both parties.

Full Clean Partners guarantees impeccable results, increased safety and improved aesthetics of buildings. By choosing Full Clean Partners, you can enjoy perfectly clean and transparent windows all year round.

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